On this page you will be privy to a fantastic material.
Its creation took place millions of years ago and the journey has been through ancient forests and lost oceans. It has proceeded in parallel with the live and extinction of the great dinosaurs, the evolution of the first mammals and the continental travel. It has witnessed the loss and resurrection of new species over millions of years. Each type has engulfed glimpses of its time, preserved the moment in a timeless bubble and now tells the last stories from a lost world. 
The journey has lasted for millions of years and will continue for millions of years after you and I are dead.
With this website I want to take part in the process of telling this storie, and through large databases of knowledge, images, text, movies and scientific articles, you can get access to the world that existed before man. It will lead the past directly into your living room and tell you through first-hand accounts of the evolution of life and Earth's history.