To me, people who disseminate their knowledge and passion have always meant a lot. I have been fascinated by their dedication, investigation and curiosity and their desire to and interest to disseminate their knowledge. I thank the people who through the years have helped to find answers to the constant wondering and thereby enabled people to maintain there interest and curiosity.


A special thanks to Ole Mehl (1948-2015)
Aurther and a specialist in Fennoscandian cerambycids. 

He has whit integrity taught and worked all his life with science, communication and inspired generations. As a friend and a mentor, he had challenged, helped and increased my interest in entomology. Without him many things would have been much different, and I would never have had the ability, opportunity and the knowledge it takes to start this comprehensive self study of inclusions in amber - thank you is poor words for such help.



Thanks to:

This includes a special thanks to Thomas Pape (Associate Professor, Curator; Job responsibilities: Diptera, Head of Entomology) and Lars Vilhelmsen (Associate Professor, Curator; Job responsibilites: Hymenoptera) for their help which has stretched far beyond what one could have wished for. Without them, there was much that would not have been possible.



My interest, knowledge and wish for dissemination in science are bigger than my grammatical skills in English. I therefore thanks Julie Amos Pedersen, who study English at Copenhagen University, for her proofreading of this entire website's content. She does an indispensable good job.