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"What I previously knew about insects trapped in amber was that they were future dinosaurs. What I didn’t know until recently that it also made for stunning art, these ancient insects preserved in death for millions of years, with only a thin layer of hardened amber separating our world from theirs. I’m still holding out for future velociraptors but I don’t mind admiring these tiny contained universes in the meantime. (Ian Brooks)

My picture is found in the following books:
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Inspired by my picture,
Matt Davidson has written this poem.

Suspended in Time

Your last moment,
that fragment of history
is captured in your tree-sap tomb;
your body suspended in amber.
I am in awe at first.
The clarity, the beauty
of the light as it shines through
the honey-tones;
your body immaculate despite
the millennia gone by.
Then I realise as I gaze at you,
that your final moments were
not so pretty; failing to escape,
your lungs began to fill and stick.
Were you trying to feast on
its sweetness? Or were you just
caught in the resin tide,
as your tiny feet traversed the bark
The amber around you is like a
portal, a wormhole tunneling
through time to project a vivid
image of the past.
Who knows what you saw in
your life? Perhaps the giant
leathery feet of
More than likely though,
you were focused on your business.
Working, digging, eating…
leth.damgaard - Flickriver