Inclusion whit morre than six legs - model 1

The different steps may contain scientific terms which may seem encouraged - I will recommend to search the word on google. Meanwhile, I am looking for pictures to illustrate each step - It is also the intention that these images will illustrate the foreign words. Can you help or do you maybe have access to such images, then I would be very happy to hear from you. Contact me here
  1. - Arachnid has a tail or a stinger - go to 2
    - Arachnid has no tail or stinger - go to 3

  2. - Tail is straight like a needle = Thelyphonida (whipscorpions)
    - Tail curves with a stinger at the tip = Scorpiones (scorpions)

  3. - Has enlarged pedipalps (claws) - go to 4
    - Lacks pedipalps (claws) - go to 5

  4. - Arachnid is less than 5mm long & flat - Pseudoscorpiones
    - Arachnid is 8-51mm long & spider-like = Amblypygi (whipscorpions)

  5. - Arachnid has regular legs - go to 6
    - Arachnid legs are thin/stilt-like with "high" knees & body low to ground = Opiliones (harvestmen)

  6. - Body is separated into a cephalothorax & abdomen (i.e. has a waist) - go to 7
    - Body is oval-shaped & lacks a waist = Acari (ticks and mites)

  7. - Has 7 segments on each leg & 1st pair of legs are not longer than rest = Araneae (spiders)
    - Has some other number of segments on each leg & 1st pair of legs are longer than the rest = Solifugae (camel spiders)

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