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After much work, I have finished this list with different types of amber sorted by there contries and location (Countries are listed in the order of what their youngest type of amber is). There may be types/mines I am not aware of and therefore missing - please contact me in order for me to make a complete list. 

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  • The list contains amber mines in 38 countries
  • 171 mines are listed
The 7 youngest types on the list is:
- Aceh (North Sumatra, Indonesia) Lower Pliocene
- Tukau fm. (Sarawak, Malaysia) Lower Pliocene
- Aukland Prov. (New Zealand) Miocene-Pliocene
- Luzon Island (Phillipines) Miocene-Pliocene
- Romania Upper Miocene
- Yazov (Ukraine) Upper Miocene
- Okanagan Highlands (British Columbia, Canada)
Lower Miocene-
Middle Miocene
The 7 oldest types on the list is:
- Mont Liban localities (Central Lebanon) Lower Neocomian
- Moravska Trebova (Czechoslovakia) Cretaceous
- Boskovice (Moravia, Czechoslovakia) Cretaceous
- Golling (Salzbourg, Austria) Lower Cretaceous
- Shaum’anowskij region (Azerbaijan) Lower Cretaceous
- Suyfun basin (Primorye, Russia) Lower Cretaceous
- Cortina d'Ampezzo,Dolomite (Southern Alps, Italy)
Lower Carnian–
Upper Ladinian 
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Pictures of different types: A collection of pictures, which gives you the opportunity to get a sense of the different types of amber - their size, colour, texture, etc. You will also be able to use these images to confirm the authenticity of your own pieces, or compare the pictures and check the authenticity of various types of amber, for example on Ebay.

Just click on the types that are marked in blue, and you will jump down to the picture. If you have a good picture of a particular type of amber, please contact me and help to make the list (you will of course be noted with copyright).

Types of which I do not know the age and have not able to find further evidence about. If you can confirm the "existence" (age etc.) of the following amber, I would like to hear from you.

  • Denmark (Bornhom): middel jurassic?
  • Greenland (Disko Bay, Qerqertarsuatsiaq): Eocene? 35 myo? retinite found along the south-east and south-west parts of the country.
  • Massachusetts: before 1883 a 340 gram (12 oz.) specimen of amber was found on Nantucket Island in Tertiary greensand and marl formation.
  • Yorkshire: washed up on various beaches


Aceh (North Sumatra)  Lower Pliocene
Jambi (Central Sumatra)                                Miocene                                       
Tukau fm. (Sarawak)                               Lower Pliocene
Merit - Pila   Lower Miocene                   
New Zealand
Aukland Prov.                      Miocene-Pliocene 
Luzon Island                        Miocene-Pliocene 
Romania                            Upper Miocene   
Colti (Buzau)   Early Oligocene
Yazov    Upper Miocene
Klesov Upper Eocene - Lower Oligocene
Dnepr River basin (Belorussia and Ukraine)   Upper Eocene
Verkhne - Sinevidnoe Upper Eocene

Okanagan Highlands (British Columbia)  Lower Miocene-Middle Miocene
Eureka Sd Grp (Axel Heiberg + Ellesmere Island) Eocene
Hat Creek (British Columbia) Early - Middle Eocene
Nanaimo (Vancouver) Early - Middle Eocene
Princeton (British Columbia) Early - Middle Eocene
Wabamun Lake (Alberta) Palaeocene
Edmonton (Alberta)  Maastrichtian
Grande Prairie (Alberta)  Maastrichtian
Cedar Lake (Manitoba) Campanian
Foremost Fm. (Medicine Hat, Alberta) Campanian
Dinosaur Prov. Park (Patricia, Alberta) Campanian
Taber (Alberta) Campanian
Grassy Lake (Alberta) Upper Cretaceous

The Dominican republic
Bayaguana - El Valle                                          Lower Miocene                   
Santiago-P. Plata Middle Oligocene - Miocene      

Burghammer (Lausitz)                                             Miocene     
Goitsche mine              Upper Oligocene - Lower Miocene
Bitterfeld Upper Oligocene - Lower Miocene
Königsaue (Aschersleben)   Upper Eocene
Zwenkau (Leipzig) Upper Eocene
Helmstedt Middle Eocene
Leonhard (Geiseltal) Middle Eocene
Latdorf - Nienburg Eocene
Nietleben (Halle)  Eocene

Machów                                         Miocene
Parczew Early Upper Eocene   

Pará                      Miocene
Crato Fm. (Araripe)                                             Upper Aptian - Lower Albian      

Cape York       Miocene  

Italy /Sicily
Catania (Sicily)                        Upper Oligocene
Cortina d'Ampezzo,Dolomite (Southern Alps)     Lower Carnian – Upper Ladinian

Mexican amber (Chiapas - Simojovel) Middle Oligocene - Miocene       
Fruitland Fm. (San Juan Basin, New Mexico)  Campanian
Baja California (Mexico)       Campanian

Chilikty Fm. (Pavlodar) Middle Oligocene
Uly-Zilansik River Basin Oligocene
Korzhindy Fm. (Aral Sea)                                       Lower - Middle Oligocene             

Chulym-Enisey basin Middle Oligocene                      
Tastakh Lake Eocene
Bykovskaya Fm. (Lena Delta) Palaeocene
Maymecha River Santonian
Kiya and Simonovo Fm. (Chylym - Enisey) Cenomanian - Turonian            
Timmerdyakh Fm. (Yakutia)   Cenomanian - Turonian
Arctic Institute Islands (Karsk Sea, Taimyr) Upper Cretaceous
Agapa river (Tajmyr) Cenomanian
Rechnoy Peninsula (Tavrichanka) Oligocene
Kantemirovka (Veronezh) Lower Oligocene
Uglovka Fm. (Primorye) Eocene - Oligocene             
Avekova Fm. (Magadan) Eocene - Oligocene               
Kasyanovo (Veronezh) Upper Eocene
Napan Fm. (Kamchatka) Middle Eocene
Visloe (Belgorod) Middle Eocene
Naiba River (near Urtay Creek mouth) Palaeocene
Sakhalin Island Palaeocene
Timmerdyankh - Khaya Hill (Yakutia Maastrichtian - Danian
Yantardakh (Khatanga Late Santonian
Baikura - Neru Bay (Taimyr) Coniacian - Santonian
Kheta Fm. (Khatanga) Coniacian - Santonian
Ledyanaya Fm. (Khatanga) Turonian
 Arkagala Fm. (Magadan)  Cenomanian - Turonian
 Dolgan Fm. (Agapa)  Upper Cenomanian
Taimyrskoje lake (Taimyr) Upper Cretaceous
Lena (Yakutia) Upper Cretaceous
Baigul Fm. (Olov, Chita) Upper Cretaceous
Begichev (Uts - Enisey) Albian - Cenomanian
Khetana river (Khabarovsk) Albian
Ogneva Fm. (Khatanga) Aptian - Albian
Yakovleva (Taimyr) Aptian - Albian
Stary Oskol (Belgorod Aptian
Suyfun basin (Primorye) Lower Cretaceous

Iwaidzumi-Iwate Oligocene
Taneichi and Kunitan Fms. (Kuji) Campanian
Tamagawa Fm. (Okawame - Kuji) Late Cretaceous                
Kimigahama Fm. (Nagasaki-Chõshi Hauterivian

Ben Metir (Aïn Draham)                                 Oligocene or earlier                  

Seattle (Washington, USA)            Eocene - Oligocene                           
Tiger Mountain Fm. (Issaquah, Washington)    Middle Eocene
Claibore Fm. (Acme, Malvern, Arkansas) Middle Eocene
Malverne (Arkansas) Eocene
Simi Valley (California) Eocene
Lance Fm. (Niobrara, Wyoming) Upper Maastrichtian
Hell Creek Fm. (Glendive, Montana) Upper Maastrichtian
Laramie Fm. (Boulder, Colorado) Upper Maastrichtian
Terlingua Formation (Brewster County, Texas) 
Late Campanian -
Early Maastrichtian
Wainright (Alaska) Campanian
Merchantville Fm. (New Jersey)                    Santonian - Campanian                
Arctic Coastal Plain and Foothills, Yukon Delta Late Cretaceous
Arctic Coastal Plain and Foothills, Umnak Islands Late Cretaceous
Arctic Coastal Plain and Foothills, Unalaska Late Cretaceous
Arctic Coastal Plain and Foothills, Killik Bend Late Cretaceous
Magothy Fm. (Maryland, USA) Turonian - Coniacian
Raritan Fm. (New Jersey) Turonian
Seward (Nebraska) Upper Cretaceous
Ellsworth County - Kanopolis Lake (Kansas) Albian - Cenomanian
Patuxent Fm. (Atlantic Coastal Plain) Barremian

Palmnicken (Samland) Upper Eocene
Sambian Peninsula ( Kaliningrad Oblast)   Upper Eocene
Baltic amber (Samland Peninsula) Lower - Middle Eocene            

Shansi Prov.                                           Middle - Upper Eocene   
Kwangtung Middle - Upper Eocene    
Yungchang (Yunnan Middle - Upper Eocene
Guchenzgi Fm. (Fushun, Liaoning) Eocene

Patagonica Fm. (Puerto Madryn)   Lower - Middle Eocene  

Ameki Fm. (Umuahia - Bende, Nigeria) Eocene
Ethiopia (Africa) Cenomanian
Kirkwood Fm. (Eastern Cape Prov. South Africa) Middle - Upper Valanginian           
Gablitz (Wien)                    Eocene
Viena and Salzburg Hauterivian
Golling (Salzbourg) Lower Cretaceous 
Douzens (Aude) Lower Eocene                  
Oise river, Le Quesnoy, Paris Basin Lower Eocene                   
Corbie'res (Pirenean) Danian
Bouches-du-Rhöne Turonian
Angoulëmes (Aquitanian Basin) Cenomanian
Anjou region Cenomanian
Bezonnais, Durtal and Fouras Cenomanian
Bezonnais, Durtal and Fouras Cenomanian
Salignac (Alpes) Cenomanian
Charente Albian - Cenomanian

Vastan, Gujarat, Cambay Lower Eocene      

United Kingdom
London Clay Fm. Palaeocene                      
Wessex Fm. (Isle of Wight) Early Barremian             
Amber in Dorset, Kent and Sussex Valanginian

Vilada (Barcelona) Maastrichtian
La Monjoya Fm. (Asturias) Lower - Middle Cenomanian    
El Caleyu Fm. (Asturias) Lower Cenomanian
Ullaga Fm. (Asturias) Upper Albian
Ensenada del Camello (Santander) Albian
Escucha Fm. (Rubielos de Mora and others) Lower - Middle Albian
Nograro Fm. (Pen‹acerrada) Lower - Middle Albian
Reocín (Cantabria) Aptian - Albian
Morella (Castelló) Early Aptian

Gorchuchaj river (Laéinskij) Coniacian
Mamalichay river basin Coniacian
Adzikend Cenomanian
Murovdag Range Lower Cenomanian 
Shaum’anowskij region Lower Cretaceous

Shawarshawan Coniacian      
Koti (Noemberyan) Coniacian      

Ajka                                      Upper Cretaceous

Hukawng Valley (Myitkyina) Cenomanian             

Aabediyé (Central Lebanon) Albian
Caza Aaley (Central Lebanon) Upper Aptian
Hammana 3 (Central Lebanon) Upper Aptian
Hadath El Joubbeh (Lebanon North) Early Aptian
Hammana 3 (Central Lebanon) Early Aptian
Jezzine 3 (South Lebanon) Early Aptian
Mont Liban localities (Central Lebanon)             Upper Neocomian (Hauterivian)
Hammana 1 and 2 (Central Lebanon) Middle Neocomian
Jezzine 1 and 2 (South Lebanon) Middle Neocomian
Mont Liban localities (Central Lebanon) Middle Neocomian
Quanat and Bcharre (North Lebanon) Middle Neocomian
Mont Liban localities (Central Lebanon) Lower Neocomian

Wadi Zerka (Amman) Albian                

Bloudan                 Hauterivian

Mont Hermon (Qiryat Chmouma)      Valanginian - Hauterivian

Moravska Trebova Cretaceous      
Boskovice (Moravia) Cretaceous


Pictures of different types of amber

A collection of pictures which gives you the opportunity of getting a sense of the different types of amber.Their size, color, texture, etc. You will be able to use these images to confirm the authenticity of your own pieces, or to check the authenticity of various types of amber eg. on ebay by comparing the picures.

This collection of images has been developed in cooperation with collectors all over the world, and I am very grateful for all the help. It is nice being able to work together to disseminate the available knowledge about amber.



Aceh (North Sumatra, Indonesian) 
Lower Pliocene 
The amber excavated from a Tutut formation somewhere in West Aceh area of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. © Mohammad Iskandar Bin Marzuki

Tukau fm. (Sarawak, Malaysia)

Lower Pliocene 
© Mohammad Iskandar Bin Marzuki

 Jambi (Central Sumatra, Indonesia)

© Mohammad Iskandar Bin Marzuki
Claibore Fm. (Acme, Malvern, Arkansas, USA)
© Mohammad Iskandar Bin Marzuki
Guchenzgi Fm. (Fushun, Liaoning, China)
© Mohammad Iskandar Bin Marzuki
Oise river, Le Quesnoy, Paris Basin, France
 Lower Eocene
© Mohammad Iskandar Bin Marzuki
Raritan Fm. (New Jersey, USA)
© Anders Leth Damgaard                                                                                        Click on the pictures
© Anders Leth Damgaard

Cortina d'Ampezzo,Dolomite (Southern Alps, Italy)

Lover Carnian - Upper Ladinian
© Mohammad Iskandar Bin Marzuki
 Click on the image to enlarge.