Database: Stolen amber

New database 
Once in a while there are new cases of missing amber - from large robberies of collections to small cases of pieces that are missing or lost in the post.
The thefts represent a substantial value and is a threat to scientific data will disappear or be destroyed. The stolen items circulate freely around the market, because people do not have the opportunity, to check whatever the items they are offered is stolen. 
If people are aware that a inclusion is stolen, the thief or the new owner will not be able to publish any scientific material about it, use pictures of the inclusion in books or sell it without one will discover it sooner or later - the more people who know the better the chances. A database is crucial.
This database is an attempt to create a that gathering place, and give you an overview of the stolen pieces that are currently in circulation. Find the most important data, images and contact information, and check whether the item that you are being offered is reported stolen from a colleague.
Report new and old thefts or lost amber here
To report a piece stolen, you need to have evidence that the piece has been owned by you and have clear evidence that the piece also has been stolen from you. Reservations are made for possible mistakes in the database.
The database currently contains:
  • 29/6-1/7 2014
    Enormous Museum collection is stolen (read more)
  • 9/3-10/3 2013
    75 kg Danish amber is stolen from a huge privat collection (read more)