The Treasure Chest

A few times during life, you may be so lucky that you find one of the really rare inclusions - one of the exclusive one-out-of-one-million pieces with a inclusion of exceptional scientific and economic value. But most will never experience this, even just to hold or photographing one of these treasures are among the rare experiences. (Image: Burmese amber (99- 112 myo) with huge perfect scorpion) 

Burmese amber (99- 112 myo) with huge perfect scorpionThrough the years, I have been offered and shown amber-types from all corners of the world - from the darkest tropical jungle to the cold fields in greenland. Some of the most amazing pictures I have compiled for you here on this page. Since amber is found by people ranging from the most secretive smuggling industry and all the way to the most serious targeted scientists, the following image consist of images of varying quality.

The images come from many different sources, and I've got a special permit from the photographers to show them. The images may not under any circumstances be copied or used elsewhere. If you have pictures of rarities, so feel free to send them to me and share them with the rest of the world.

I have as far as possible ensured me that the person who sent me the pictures and gave me the permission, also are the legal owner of the copyright. I apologize for any mistakes that might have happened in this process, and you are welcome to contact me if you have any objections..

Ming M. Maun from Burma 
looks at his findings after a
long day in the mines.