Anders Leth Damgaard (1988) 
President of the Danish amber association
I have studied and collected amber with inclusions since December 2008. In my spare time I work on building an online full photographed image database of the collection of beetles, and in addition I work with the classification, registration, photography and condition assessment of the Danish national collection of amber (ZMUC). The focus is wide, but over a long period, the emphasis has been to study and collect Coleoptera and the dissemination of knowledge about amber. 
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There is a big problem with books, and first it has to be said that I personally love books, but the problem is that the knowledge found in books are available only for the person who has it. This is a truism, but it creates a problem for all those who do not have the money for expensive books or access to buy the book. This website has not the direct target to supersede the books, on the other hand, the goal is to do everything what is in the books available to everyone. An ambitious goal - almost unattainable goal - but the knowledge and opportunity for education must be accessible to everyone and you should be more than welcome to take part in this project. Write to me if you have ideas for improvements or additions to this website. You can contact me direktly here
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Anders Leth Damgaard
President of the Danish amber association